Minecraft Server Hosting Info


Ever wanted a minecraft server? With our Minecraft server hosting you can enjoy a easy setup and hosting experience. You can use the Pterodactyl panel to manage your server, upload files, change config and much more!

If you need help setting up your server? Please contact support, we are happy to help you

How much RAM?

A basic minecraft server will run properly from 2GB of RAM. The 1GB RAM plan is intended for BungeeCord, Waterfall,...

Modded servers or servers with a lot of plugins require more RAM. They will start running decent on 4GB. We recommand 5GB for the best expierence!

Which Plan?

If you have no idea, use the recommended plan of 5GB.

All our plans our upgradeable and downgradeable! You can start with 2GB and see if you need more.

Vanilla or Spigot?

Minecraft Vanilla is normal minecraft like you run on your own computer. Spigot is a modded version of minecraft, with the difference of supporting plugins and having better performance. The default settings of spigot don't do anything except better performance and bug fixing.

Should I use Spigot?

If you want plain vanilla, no fancy things like world edit, You should use vanilla. If you want to build your own community server. Your better of with spigot. If you don't need plugins right away, no problem! You can add plugins as you go.

Unmeterd NVMe Storage

We provide unmetered NVMe storage for your game server, with the means to only store Minecraft server files. You will start with 20Gb storage assigned to your server. Once more is needed you can request more storage by opening a support ticket.

Our Hardware

Our servers Have the following specs:

  • analytics

    CPU Intel Core i9-9900K @ 5Ghz

  • developer_board

    RAM DDR4 2400MHz

  • sync_alt

    Network connection with DDoS Protection

  • storage

    NVMe storage

Daily Backups

Instant Activation When an order has been placed, our systems will email you the details with your login information for our game panel. Once you are inside of our game panel the server will be activated and ready for use.


Our support team is ready for your questions around the clock.

DDoS Protection

DDos protection is included by all our plans. All our clients will benefit from our guaranteed DDosS protection. Our DDoS protection will stop an attack from any size.

FTP Acces

Every service includes ftp access. You are always able to access your files with an external ftp client. If you do not want to use an ftp client, you are always able to use our inhouse file manager on our panel.